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Jaime Soto is originally from the state of California and the son

of immigrant parents. He started working in the restaurant industry from an early age. He started cleaning tables, continued washing dishes, then as a waiter and as a cook until he decided to become independent in 2015 and opened his own business because he thought it would be very convenient to have his whole family that has worked before in this business as well. And this is how he apened his first Agave Azteca restaurant. Shortly afterwards, he hired Mo Giovanny, who is originally from the State of Mexico to bel with the quality cooking recipes that they have today all le worked at AGAVE AZTECA since its foundation. lose Torres is originally from Guadalajara Jalisco and art ever the United States in 1991 to the city of Chicago UNor outlide immisrants he says “it was not easy”. He herat oh restaurant industry, serving as a preparer dishmuset, and coot in such a way that he worked in all areas of he restaurant. Alter all his effort and dedication together with his wife, Mabi Gutie-Frez, they managed to raise their savings to become independent and thus be able to open their own restaurant in Chicago. After certain years hey decided to sell it and moved to Nebraska in search of ner opportunities.

This is how lee met Mr. Jaime Soto and Mr. Geovanny, who needed someone to help them with the functions of the restaurant and began to talk and exchange ideas and became partners in the business.

When you visit AGAVE AZTECA you will notice the policy of excellence in service since your arrival, starting with the good presentation and cleaning of both the place and the employees. You will note the good service and customer satisfaction. The food is Mexican Gourmet and its motto is “A shortcut to Mexico.” We recommend you try the house specialties for example: the Molcajete el Chori pollo, the Crazy Pineapple and Seafood Enchiladas.

The goals for the future are to grow by opening more locations and letting customers know that AGAVE AZIECA is a concept of Mexican food different from other restaurants to bring to the table the best of the taste of Mexico.

Our Story

The Ingredients

Having the best traditional Mexican gastronomy cuisine in Omaha and Ralston is our goal and priority. This reason motivates us to look for the best ingredients and the most fresh produce in the market to serve our customers with the top dishes in the city to our daily customers. 

Jose Torres, Chef

It’s just the best food in Omaha nebraska with out a dought. Ill for sure come back for the  piña loca! We loved it!
Maynard P.

We provide valuable experiences that you will never forget with your friends or partner. Delicious food and refreshing drinks will make you feel satisfied.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the best and serving wholeheartedly to customers.  Our waiters and chefs are committed to providing the best service to our cliental. Serving them with a typical dish of great Mexican Cuisine taste with abundant and delicious flavors to their tongue, giving satisfaction to the heart.

We will give the best from our restaurant so that you come home feeling happy and satisfied because you have coming from our restaurant. Hopefully you will feel satisfaction from our restaurant services.

I was very impressed with this place. The prices are comprable to other Mexican restaurants in the area. The menu however is unique and the food was fabulous! I loved the decor. The walls, the tables, the chairs... everything was beautiful!

Rosanne Marie
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